Board Of Director

Mr. Djajadi Djaja (Chairman)
of Chinese origin was born in Medan, off the Sumatera Island of Indonesia in 1941. His father, Mr. Chow Soon Poh, was also born in Indonesia. His Grandfather travelled from China to settle in Indonesia in 1880. In 1971, Mr Djajadi started his own business using the trade mark "Indomie" under PT. Sanmaru Food Manufacturing in Jakarta. In 1980, he was the first to launch the instant noodle "Indomie Goreng" by which no other company carried the Indonesian Style Mie Goreng flavour at the time. The Variant gained full success and became the market leader in the instant noodle market. n 1992, Mr Djajadi Djaja sold his shares in PT. Sanmaru Food Manufacturing to Indofood and commenced setting up a new company by the name of PT. Jakarana Tama Food Manufacturing. And it has produced its own Brand Name such as Arirang, Michiyo, and Gaga.
In 2002 PT. Jakarana Tama succeeded to get a contract to help and set up a turn key Project of Instant Noodle Plant in Nigeria, the second largest Instant Noodle Company in Nigeria, under the name of Chikki Foods Industries Ltd., location at 88A, Ojo Lane, Dolphin Estate, lkoyi, Lagos, Nigeria. Our vision is to assist and to make a healthy and best quality of noodle to the world market.

PT. Jakarana Tama was established on June 20, 1980 based on Notarial Deed No. 107 of Kusmulayanto Ongko, SH as a regional distribution company in Medan, North Sumatra. The main business of the company is to produce instant noodles canned products, ready to eat Sosis and seasoning. Realizing the importance of business and products diversifications, the company had invested "GaGa" brand in our portfolio. The company also owned several other brands, such as, "100", "1000", Mie Gepeng, Mie Telor A1, Otak-otak, Sosis Loncat. These brands cater several different market segment and consumers.n line with the increasing number of products varieties, the company has expanded its distribution scattered across all major cities in Indonesia. Today, the company has equipped itself with international standard product innovations, adequate and advance technology in production, with highly qualified experts to support the overall objectives of the company in pursuing our corporate mission. The company owns one of Indonesian's most popular instant noodles brands, Gaga, Which continually gaining market share in an immensely competitive environment.